Workplace Wellness

Office workers are subject to intense stresses resulting from long term exposure to the forces of gravity, relative physical inactivity and repetitive movements.  Sitting continuously for long periods of time, even in the best of ergonomically designed chairs, exerts pressure on the pelvis, hips, low back, spine, shoulders and neck as well as the internal organs.  This has been well documented to result in a wide range of joint, spinal and metabolic conditions; it has even come to be known as “Sitting Disease”.  Repetitive movements of the hands and wrists also results in stresses that develop into carpal tunnel and other related issues.  Long periods of sitting also results in lethargy and “brain fog”.  All of these combine to impose a major drag on workplace productivity and employee health, resulting in very significant costs to any business including productivity, sick days and health care costs.
Fortunately much of the adverse impact of the stresses incurred by long term sitting can be ameliorated by simple, easy and brief Yoga practices that can be practiced intermittently throughout the day.  Employees can learn proper ways to support and align the spine, hips and shoulders to reduce stresses as well as simple stretching, breathing and meditational techniques to alleviate and release stresses as they accumulate.  The value of brief pauses to attend to stress as it develops cannot be understated.
A workplace that includes a culture of mindful awareness and attentiveness to the stresses caused by extensive sitting is more productive, happier and more harmonious.  Lessons on how to accomplish this are an invaluable investment for any enterprise.
Employees can be encouraged to learn these practices using the very same chair that they use each day and creative ways to interact with the desk and floor space environment in which they normally work.
An Introductory Workshop as well as ongoing classes are available.
Introductory Workshop:
We introduce the employees of Original Productions to these practices in an Introduction to Chair Yoga workshop.
The Introductory Workshop would include:
  • Pre-workshop online questionnaire to gather information about the physical and mental challenges that each employee is facing related to sitting ergonomic stresses.
  • Employees with similar issues can be grouped together so that their specific problems can be targeted
  • Workshop can include lessons on ergonomics, yoga stretches, breathing, meditational techniques and nutritional considerations
  • An audio-visual presentation component can be included to assist learning and absorption of the material
  • Workshop notes will be available in printed and pdf formats for ongoing reference
  • Participants can email the instructor with follow-up questions for clarification
$130 for 1 hour; $200 for 2 hours
Workplace Wellness Yoga and Meditation Class:
A regular 30 minute or one hour class that provides a dedicated block of time for employees to address physical, mental and emotional stresses with expert guidance.  New techniques will be continually introduced and previously introduced practices will be reinforced and deepened.
$80 for 30 minutes; $130 for 1 hour
I look forward to working with you and your staff and employees on improving the health, well-being and productivity of your workplace environment!

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